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A descrição de DrOwl

DrOwl is a HIPAA compliant, medical platform built on patented technology that turns your medical history into an on-demand, browsable, searchable, and shareable resource. It’s also has a free screening and monitoring tool that can help protect organizations from outbreaks of infectious disease.

Here is how DrOwl works:

1. DrOwl has a Free Electronic Screening and Monitoring Solution to Help Protect Schools, Nursing Homes, and Businesses During Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

The CDC recommends precautionary measures for people who have symptoms, and many organizations currently screen people coming into their business through paper tracking, which is inefficient and may not help prevent further infections.

DrOwl electronically screens and tracks everyone who enters the organization, creating an electronic tracking of employees and visitor activity in real-time, to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Each organization can customize the questions they ask. They can also get an electronic log of each person and how they answered the questions so that if they could put others at risk, they are given a message customized by the facility. And facilities can run on-demand reports as needed.
In cases of infection, there is electronic tracking with centralized data for epidemiological usage and cross-contamination data to help assess the risks.

2. Sync Your Medical Records.

Most people have medical records in numerous hospitals, and doctors’ offices, where gaining access to these records is often difficult, and sharing that information was challenging, until now.

DrOwl offers a free tool for Medicare patients to bring in their medical records and understand them.

As well as the ability to understand risk factors for infectious diseases to see if you need to take extra precautions during outbreaks

3. Get a Comprehensive Patient Portal.
DrOwl combines the user's medical record data, with proprietary AI and machine learning, to create a unique Patient Portal in easy-to-understand language.

With a Personal Health Search Engine that is unique to them which makes it easy to learn more about and research medical conditions in a physician-approved, trusted environment.

4. Easily Share Your Medical Records as Needed.

Patients control who gets to see their medical information, and they can share their DrOwl Patient Portal with doctors, or caregivers, and family members. Making it easy for people to participate in patients’ health care decisions and understand their loved ones’ conditions and medications in a new way.

5. Get Live Assistance Via Telemedicine Sessions.

DrOwl provides 24x7 telemedicine services in select areas, in a way that is different from other telemedicine platforms.

Patients can “chat in-app” with medical providers or participate in live video calls with a physician in real-time, all with the click of a button. DrOwl telemedicine providers have access to the patient’s medical records on DrOwl, which provides a clear snapshot of the patient’s medical history, and can help lead to more efficient medical care.

Patients can add caregivers or family members to their telemedicine visits, as needed, so that the people who help to take care of them can be a part of important medical conversations, regardless of locations or time zones.
DrOwl users will have ongoing access to 100’s of doctors and nurses in select areas with more being added all the time

6. DrOwl Syncs with Most Popular Wearable Health Technologies.
DrOwl syncs with known wearable health technologies (e.g. Fitbit, Apple Health, etc.) and updates the Patient Portal for things like heart rate, steps, and more, adding valuable information to the patient’s medical history.

While DrOwl is simple to use, the benefits can’t be overstated. When patients are informed and educated about their health, they have the power to make important decisions right alongside medical staff, which creates a better overall experience for everyone.

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Bug fixes and enhancements.

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