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Tool for Dropshipping & Ecommerce

5.0.0 for Android

HighUtil Inc.

A descrição de Dropshipping+

Dropshipping business is super popular than ever. Tons of new e-commerce entrepreneurs are jumping right into drop shipping and making tons of money.

📦 Mr hands dropship!
Dropshipping is basically reselling business models. You source products from China dropshipping suppliers such as Aliexpress or Alibaba and resell them to other countries.

📦 How to start a business free?
The reason drop shipping business is popular is that it’s easy to start and requires a low budget. The traditional e-commerce business requires a lot of pre-stock which is risky for a startup. Dropshipping, however, requires almost $0 budget to start. Because you only source products when you get orders. Dropshipping free.

📦 How to start a dropshipping business?
This question can be “how to start an online business”. First, you need to find winning products and dropshipping suppliers. And then building a Shopify website and buy paid traffic from Facebook or Google.

📦 How to find winning products?
There are services that help you find Aliexpress winning products such as Ecomhunt, Salesource, Pexgle, Alishark, Niche Scraper, SellTheTrend, Dropship spy, Dropship hunter, and Ecwid, etc. Also, this app offers daily winning products like an Ecomhunt app. You don’t have to scroll the Aliexpress product list page yourself, just pick a product from those services.

📦 How to build a dropshipping store?
There are two options. Shopify and Woocommerce. Shopify is way more popular and easy to use. Shopify has well-integrated apps for making your website beautiful, fast, and driving high-conversion. Shopify is the best option for drop shipping and e commerce business.

📦 How to drive traffic to the store?
The most popular ad platform for dropshipping is Facebook. Facebook is smart enough to show your ads to the right audience so that you can easily get sales.Tthey know who likely to buy your drop shipping product.

📦 What this app can do for me?

🚀 Motivational Contents

Keeping yourself motivated and have a rich mindset is crucial for succeeding in drop shipping. Every time you feel like to quiet, come back to this app and get motivated. Dropshipping Apps gives you also valuable contents for learning drop shipping and e-commerce.

🚀 Dropshipping Product Finder
If you are in low budget, third party services such as Ecomhunt, Pexgle, SellTheTrend, and Niche Scraper aren’t right for you. Dropshipping Apps requires no sign-up, no credit card. Just pick trending winning products right away from us. We upload new winning products every day.

🚀 KPI Calculator
Knowing your target KPIs are critical to drop shipping. As a dropshipper, you have to master the KPIs. But calculating KPIs such as breakeven CPP and ROAS is so boring. Dropshipping Apps makes it easier than ever, Just enter your AOV, COGS, Fee, and profit target and you’re done.

🚀 Abbreviations
There are a lot of abbreviations you need to know to properly running dropshipping business. But those are quite overwhelming to beginners. Dropshipping Apps gives you a curated set of words for dropship beginners!.

🚀 Resources
Drop shipping keeps growing and as it grows, new services keep coming out. Drop shipping Apps gives you a curated set of useful resources such as product research tools, ads finders, Shopify apps, Chrome extensions, and Instagram meme pages for shoutout. You don’t have to search again and again to find right services for you.

Drop shipping changes people’s life. You can start dropshipping no matter where you live.

You wonder how to start a dropshipping business? How to start a business free? Dropshipping Apps is for you.

If you don’t have cash flow making money when you are sleeping, you have to work forever when you are awake. Drop shipping is the most popular make money online method right now. Let’s start drop shipping!

Dropshipping+ 5.0.0 Atualizar

- Learn section with a list of blog posts and youtube videos
- Improved design
- Fixed user information change bug

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