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Blinds Are Up!

Poker Timer

3.1 for Android

CG Thomas

A descrição de Blinds Are Up!

The number one Poker Timer app on the Google Play Store!
Trusted by thousands of game organisers to display current blinds, remaining level time, and more during games and tournaments.

Essential features to help you run your poker game:
* Ready-to-use Blind Schedules
* Automatically Generate Schedules for a given Tournament Length
* Customise your Schedules with the easy-to-use Schedule Editor
* Starting Stack Calculator - How many of each Chip Value to use for a given Stack Size
* Prize Payout Calculator - How to split the Prize Pool between the top finishers
* Track current number of Players, Rebuys, etc. and display the Average Stack size
* Adapts to all phone and tablet screen sizes and orientations
* Reliable countdown timer won’t lose track of your game (you can use other apps, and even reboot your device during a game)

Customise the Blinds Display:
* Background Colours, Text Colours, Background Images
* Previous/Next Blind Amounts
* Prize Amounts
* Colours and Values of Poker Chips in Play
* Poker Hand Rankings

Customise the End-of-Level Alarms:
* Select from the App's Built-in Sounds or your Device’s Notification Sounds
* Speech options for Spoken Announcements of Blind Amounts

Tools for every game organiser:
* Screen Cast Helper - To help configure your device for casting the screen to a TV
* Poker Dictionary - Over 650 poker definitions and abbreviations
* Poker Quotations - Insights and quips from legendary players and celebrities

IMPORTANT: This app is not a poker simulation, and you can’t place bets through this app. The information you enter into this app is for display purposes only, to help you enjoy real-life games with your poker buddies.

Blinds Are Up! 3.1 Atualizar

Version 3.1
* Speech option is now available for the Early Warning Alarm.
* Prize Percentages for each Prize Count are now remembered, and can be Saved/Loaded with other Tournament Settings.
* A selection of preset Prize Percentages are now available for each Prize Count (currently for Prize Counts of 8 or lower).
* Increased the maximum starting stack size to 1,000,000 and the maximum chip value to 10,000,000.
* Android 10 compatibility.

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Enviado por: Hồng Nhân

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Requerimentos: Android 4.4+

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