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Andoku Capture

1.2.5 for Android

Markus Wiederkehr

A descrição de Andoku Capture

Andoku Capture lets you capture Sudoku puzzles from books or newspapers using the camera of your device.

As a standalone app Andoku Capture can be used as a simple puzzle solver. Once the puzzle is captured the solution can be revealed by pressing a button.

This app is primarily intended as an add-on for Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free though. Puzzles can seamlessly be imported, saved and played inside Andoku 3. This allows you to utilize the full feature set of Andoku 3 such as unlimited undo and redo or hints.

Standalone mode

Start the app and point the camera on a printed Sudoku puzzle. Wait for a couple of seconds for the puzzle to be recognized automatically.

As an add-on for Andoku 3

Open Andoku 3, navigate to "Custom puzzles" and press the add (+) button to open the puzzle editor. Now press the camera icon in the toolbar to capture a puzzle. Once the puzzle has been captured it can be saved and played on your device.


1. If the puzzles does not get recognized automatically after a couple of seconds that means that Andoku Capture has difficulties recognizing the puzzle. You can press the "Capture now" button to capture what is currently shown in the small preview but the result will most likely not be correct. When capturing from Andoku 3 you can use the puzzle editor to manually correct any errors later.

2. For a puzzle to be recognized automatically it has to have a unique solution. Invalid puzzles or puzzles with more than one solution won't be captured unless you press the "Capture now" button.

3. Capturing works best with blank puzzles. Do not fill in any digits or candidates before capturing it.

4. Andoku Capture does not automatically recognize any Sudoku variants. In standalone mode it assumes the puzzle is a regular Sudoku puzzle. It cannot be used to capture any other kinds of puzzles such as Sudoku X or Hyper Sudoku. When used as an add-on for Andoku 3 the game variation has to be selected from the toolbar menu before capturing the puzzle.

Andoku Capture 1.2.5 Atualizar

Fixed a crash issue on Android 9.

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