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Find the right HP Care Pack Services whenever and wherever you need them.

Download HP Cirrus and easily select the right Care Pack, check the warranty status of products, calculate the quote for your customer's Subscription, easily share information with your customer and, last but not least, receive notifications about available new trainings or promotions!

সর্বশেষ সংস্করণ 4.5.8 এ নতুন কী

Last updated on Jul 8, 2017

We are happy to release this new version of Cirrus including:

- Enhanced Care Pack Finder: You can now get the datasheets for most of our HP (tap on more info).
- Enhanced HP Subscription feature including: localization, ability to save your quotes / share per email, small design enhancements
- Enhanced Warranty checker: this external link became mobile friendly
- Small bug fixes

Keep in touch, more is on his way (you will soon be able to get the product Base Warranty information)
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HP Cirrus আপডেটের অনুরোধ করুন 4.5.8

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Jul 6, 2017



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