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Arthdal Chronicles সম্পর্কে

If you're a fan of giant RPGames, do not miss the game!

Arthdal Chronicles, a game edition, was originally from a Korean TV series which was available to stream in 2019. Now, Arthdal Chronicles is planned to be released as a global IP on mobile and PC.

Come back to the game, Arthdal Chronicles is said to be a MMORPG with entirely new regions and new characters, trying to show THREE main unique features.

The first is to upgrade and expand the worldview based on the previous drama. Players will experience a special and different worldview by adding the settings of various regions and tribes not seen in Season 1 of the TV series.

How about living and scrolling down the picturesque surroundings? This is the second feature. Plus, by building bridges, players can explore new areas and eat kinds of food with friends. 

At last, the core goal is reality. In a MMORPG, creating a virtual and leisure atmosphere based on visuals is an important part for the developer.

Note: The game's release date has not been set yet. We will notify you as soon as the game is officially released.

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