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1.0.2 by Tyler Colter


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يقدم تجربة قتالية مكثفة ومبهجة قائمة على الفريق!

Heroes Drive delivers an intense and exhilarating team-based fighting experience!


- Unstoppable Four-Player Cell Combat: For the first time in the Heroes series, up to four players can fight cooperatively, resulting in an authentic representation of Heroes's team-based action!

- Devastating Heroes Drive Combat System: Chain attacks to engage Heroes Drive, in which your enemies are helpless to volley as each teammate inflicts crippling damage!

- Totally Original Storyline: Heroes Drive thrusts new game-exclusive characters into a completely original storyline pitting Heroes and friends against an unseen foe responsible for the disappearance of ninjas from Hidden Leaf Village!

- Faithful to the Franchise: You'll be treated to an original.

- Bonus Features Add Tons of Replaybility: As if four-player co-op and a totally original storyline weren't enough, you can also access tons of side quests to keep the action rolling!


The first game in the popular action-fighting series to feature the collective might of four-player cell co-op combat! Create your ideal team from the many fan-favorite playable characters available, each with their own unique combat arsenal! As battles wage, take your co-op offensives to the next level by engaging the Kizuna Drive combat system, a devastating in-game mechanic that will lay waste to your enemies! And with an all-new, original story, mulitplayer capabilities, tons of collectibles and an opening movie

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Last updated on 16/01/2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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طلب Unstoppable Heroes Drive Fight تحديث 1.0.2


Septian Ade Candra

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Android 6.0+

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