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Heat The Soul: Ichigo Fighting has 84 different characters in the game and many are new to the Heat the Soul series, you can now fight giant characters, you can now take part in versus battles with four characters, you can trigger Tag Special attacks, can have single or tag team battles, there are multiple difficulty options and Soul Codes can improve characters/ Can unlock characters, Soul Codes, character art and voices.

There are Story Mode, Hueco Mundo Conquest, Arcade Style, VS CPU, Soul VS and Training game modes. You can upload your Arcade Mode ranking to the website. Covers the Hueco Mundo, Zanpakuto and Karakura Town rescue storylines.

It is a good fighting game that is visually impressive, represents the Bleach series well and is fun to play, it doesn’t make the same stride. It starts by covering the very end of Arrancar vs. Shinigama arc, where the fighting in Hueco Mundo ends. It then covers the entire Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura Town arc and has one brief segment that covers the anime-only Zanpakutou Rebellion arc.

So in short, here’s what happens. Ichigo, his friends and a number of high ranking Soul Reapers went into Hueco Mundo, both to face Aizen and his Arrancar and Espada minions and rescue Orihime, who was taken hostage by Aizen. While the Soul Reaper Captains and Ichigo did manage to deal with some of the Espada, Aizen and some of his top ranking Espada followers took the fight to Karakura Town to destroy it. Everyone follows and, once Ichigo and his cohorts reach Karakura Town, they’re joined by the Vizards, Soul Reapers who went through the hollowfication process, who also want to help save the town. There is also a complementary story mode called Hueco Mundo Conquest which goes through pretty much the same story, only with a different viewpoint.

Heat The Soul: Ichigo Fighting is a 3D, cel-shaded fighter. You control one or two of the 84 characters in either a single, team or tag team battle. Of course, saying 84 is actually a bit generous, since a few of the characters are actually different versions of the same character. But still, it sounds impressive and it’d be a pain to go through that many characters, so let’s leave it as is. You can use various characters’ spirit pressure to unleash special moves. It isn’t terribly difficult to play or use combos

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Last updated on 22/06/2017

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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