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The fast-paced fighting action Goku Warriors Z Supersonic.

Though still providing some fun, fast-paced fighting action, Goku Warriors: Dragon Z Supersonic lacks some of the care of its predecessor and feels like a somewhat slapdash game conversion.

The general structure of Supersonic Warriors 2 is the same as its predecessor: Two fighters duke it out in the appropriately overblown game style, flying through the air, throwing waves of energy at each other, and occasionally turning blonde.

The action is often team-based, which means that you can swap out your fighters on the fly and occasionally call on your teammates to perform special attacks.

The number of attacks is fairly limited, and the game definitely favors high-energy ranged attacks over up-close fisticuffs.

You can block with the B button whenever you please, but every attack that you deflect adds to a meter that, when filled, drops your character's guard and stuns him or her for a few seconds.

Those looking to familiarize themselves with the mechanics and find the perfect team of characters can go through the tutorial and free battle modes.

The Z Battle mode puts you up against some increasingly challenging opponents, while the story mode presents you with unique "what if?" scenarios for each of the characters in the game.

Playing through the different stories is key--you can unlock new characters and abilities--but it's also astonishingly easy; while the combatants will start giving you a good run for your money pretty early on, it's rare to lose a match in the story mode.

Goku Warriors: Dragon Z Supersonic is still OK, it's disappointing how superficial the changes found here are. Those satisfied with more of the same, along with marginally improved visuals.

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Last updated on 01/11/2017

- Fix bug.
- New game Goku Warriors: Dragon Z Supersonic.

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