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A free, fast and safe VPN browser dedicated to serve web3 users.

The most trusted VPN - Fast Open VPNFast, free and unlimitedOne click to connect!100% free VPN! The best unlimited free VPN clients are specially designed for Android, and can provide you with high-speed and stable proxy services in hot spots.- Free: network agents in all countries and regions can be used freely and without restriction- Fast: one line per person, so that your network is no longer stuck- Stability: massive free agents can ensure better connection of VPN services- Strong applicability: works with WiFi, 5g, LTE / 4G, 3G and all mobile network connection methods- Easy to connect: a stable and fast connection can be established with one touch, without payment- Wide coverage: provide massive hot spot agentsFast Open VPN,VPN Proxy Master Using VPN proxy host, you can access the Internet anonymously,Privately visit blocked websites and applications,Accelerate mobile games and watch online videosThe best VPN for Netflix and any other streaming media smoothly!Everything you need is in the VPN proxy host:• global stable and Fast Open VPN server• cross regional access to Netflix, youtube and BBC players• hide your IP address and location• securely connect to Wi Fi hotspots-VPN proxy hosts provide multiple servers. There are Netflix US server, Netflix UK server, BBC server, Disney + server and other streaming media servers. You can enjoy Netflix, youtube, spotify, ITV center, BBC player or any streaming media service, no matter where you are.Use more than 6700 fast proxy servers for free online-Bypass blocking restrictions and firewalls to unblockWebsites, applications, players, social networks, streaming media services.-Watch videos, movies, TV programs, serials and live broadcastsPlay on any video platform and enjoy your favorite programs at home and abroad-Reduce game delay and speed up mobile games.Improve the gaming experience of pubg, freefire and mobile, such as legends, roblox, etc-Intelligently select the best free server for you. Browsing tiktok, twitter and YouTube is anonymous and fast.What can you do with Fast Open VPN?-Set the safest protection for online security, enjoy security, privacy and anonymous services, and get browsing experience even under public WiFi hotspots.-Use best free to bypass regional restrictions and firewalls and access blocked videos, streaming services, games, social networks, apps and websites, wherever you are.Download Fast Open VPN! Start to enjoy the best free agent service

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Last updated on 08/12/2022

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