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عن 3D Spinner Fidget - Hunter GO!


جهاز محاكاة الأكثر واقعية هو الململة الدوار مع الفيزياء التناوب الحقيقي!

Feel yourself the best hunter on spinners in the universe! Use magic tricks to catch unique spinners in your collection! Pass hundreds of levels, pump skills, smash Mega Bosses! Download our fury spinner for Android for free and you will have no longer need to wear a manual spinner constantly with you, worrying about losing it the whole time.

What are waiting you?

• Steep stunts with spinners!

• Stunning 3D graphics and the coolest special effects.

• Hundreds of levels of varying complexity.

• Spectacular battles with the Bosses and Mega Bosses!

• The most realistic simulator is a spinner fidget with real rotation physics

• Exciting campaign and free spinning of spinners from your collection!

• Best offline game for adult 2017

Played sometime in the game about tap? Where it is necessary to click a lot on monsters and win them? There is the same system, only instead of monsters - spinners. Each destroyed spinner will be added to your personal collection of spins. Use magic tricks to crush spinners - bosses! You will be available lightning, a tornado, a fireball and dark matter!

How does it work?

Run with your finger to unscrew the spinner to the right or left, while you can increase the speed of rotation using various tricks. Wait for him to stop and get points. Enjoy good graphics, play alone or offer a friend to spin a turntable together.

Do you want to reach the level of Pro and get into the TOP? Pump your skills, create unique strategies and tricks, train at any free moment, get the most shocking secrets from advanced gamers. You will come at both simple levels and the ability to open new ones after getting a certain number of points and passing the initial ones.

Say no to the stress!

See for yourselfthat this is really the best free game in the world, that will give a great mood and a positive attitude whenever and wherever you are. A simple gameget you spin spinners anywhere, anytime - in the metro, in a traffic jam, in a long queue or during a break, outdoors or indoors.

No Internet? No problem, you can play the game without wifi .This game is connected with the most top-notch elements of various applications - agario, arcade, strategy, shooter, balls. Which ones do you prefer to play?

This is the best puzzle and exercise for your brain in a boredom or vice versa stressful situation, the effectiveness of which is scientifically proven! Closing your actions while scrolling the bearing, and concentrating on this, you "close" the circle of thoughts. And this means that there is no place for the negative! And for this you do not need wi- fi connection or bluetooth - just slide your finger across the screen.

The most popular fidget Spiner of 2017 in the whole world!

Tired of banal mmo, thoughtless horror or well-known arcade game from Internet? Do you want a colorful shooter and fresh impressions? We offer youto download the best noveltyfor boys and girls, in which the main principles of TAPgames, three in a row and RPG are combined. What do you need to do it? Order free puzzles from the fidget spinner series, which will win hearts,either brutal guys, and sentimental girls.

And do not think that games of this category will be interesting onlyfor children! All serious business people and the best gamers of the whole universe are spinners, competing with each other in skill. Today, these are really very popular jokes, with which you can easily distract from daily worries, lower pressure without medication and avoid strong stress. Colorful graphic impresses with its super-realism, giving a complete sense of the rotation of a real device such as a bearing.

Even if you are shy to twist the real spiner - swing our simulator and enjoy it, people from all over the world are already doing it!

تحديث لأحدث إصدار 1.5

Last updated on 28/07/2017

New features are available in the update:
+ Magic tricks improved!
+ New levels available!
+ Sounds improved!
+ Effects and quality of the spinners updated!

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طلب 3D Spinner Fidget - Hunter GO! تحديث 1.5


Vatsal Soni

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