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Jun 13, 2024

About D×2

Original: Atlas, Development: A new "Mega Ten" presented by Sega. A strategic battle RPG optimized for smartphones while following the real thrill of summoning demons, negotiating, and combining demons!

If you start now, you will definitely get ★ 5 devils!

Arm the devil with swords and shields! Introducing the new content "Branch Future" that challenges the battle with the formation of the main character and the devil! Story quest, new battle route added! Protect the hero and survive!

■ A full range of strategic RPG systems unique to the Megaten series!

The familiar "Press Turn Battle" of Megaten is adopted as a battle system.

By exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy, the battle situation becomes superior, and conversely, by exploiting the weaknesses, the battle situation suddenly turns into a predicament.

With this distinctive system, you can enjoy strategic and tense battles!

"Negotiation" that allows you to talk with the enemy demon and become a demon!

The demons you encounter can be made into friendly demons (middle demons) by negotiation.

Let's draw interest and empathy and build a friendly relationship with talks that match the type of devil!

Equipped with a unique system that matches the tempo of smartphone games.

"Devil union" that can strengthen the devil!

It is possible to combine demons to create a new demon.

Create your own powerful demon according to your battle strategy!

■ New elements unique to smartphone games!

There are lots of new functions and new elements such as nurturing elements such as "reincarnation" and "awakening", unique coalescence rules such as "archetype", and "battle assist" that assists players during battles!

■ RPG system that is safe for those who are new to the Megaten series!

Fully equipped with AUTO function and double speed function!

Not only those who have no experience in the "Shin Megami Tensei" series, but also those who are unfamiliar with RPG games on smartphones can enjoy it!

■ Devil CG that transcends smartphone games!

Completely reproduce the familiar devil with a high quality CG model!

Among the demons that appear, this time, the devil that will be the first 3D in the series is also recorded!

■ Enriched elements of replay!

Explore and capture the 3D dungeon "Aura Gate"!

Compete for strength with other users in PvP "Dx2 Duel"!

■ Summon and negotiate the devil in the real world

New AR function "Devil Scanner"

Summon demons all over the world!

Obtain various items by making AR devil negotiations successful and increasing friendship with the devil.

Also, by raising the level of the devil scanner, various demons can be AR summoned and negotiated!

■ Story

Devil downloader. Known as "Dx2".

Those who have the power to summon and use demons from a smartphone app.

Guided by a mysterious man, you gained the power and become a member of the secret organization "Liberators" that protects the world, and you will be involved in the battle between Dx2 with popular video distributor Megakin and others.

The name of the enemy is "Acolytes".

Another Dx2 group that acts based on the philosophy that it believes in.

It secretly excludes people with a high "empathy index", which is an obstacle to their purpose.

Behind the seemingly peaceful society, people's malice is quietly transmitted, and the battle of devil downloaders continues to intensify.

■ D2 Megaten is recommended for these people!

◆ I like "Mega Ten"

・ I'm a fan of the Megaten series

・ It's fun to make your own devil party with your favorite devil as a middleman

・ I have a feeling for many demons that appear in Megaten such as Alice and Mother Harlot.

◆ I like the dark, mysterious, and decadent world view

・ Longing for the champion of the demon world and the inhabitants of the demon world rather than heroes and revolutionaries

・ I am fascinated by the unrealistic atmosphere of demons and demons

・ I like fantastic world views and people such as labyrinths and fortresses.

Looking for free / paid games based on myths and legends from around the world

◆ I like games

・ Those who want to enjoy full-scale RPGs and stories for free

・ Those who want to enjoy strategic battle role-playing games

・ Those who like high quality 3D graphic games

・ I want to enjoy online RPG games and survivors in a different dimension.

・ I want to enjoy quests from scratch in command battles from wild mmorpg, social games, and large numbers of battle games.

・ I prefer turn-based battles with flashy attacks and battles to tactics-oriented war games.

・ I like the games that SEGA puts out

◆ I'm looking for an interesting smartphone app

・ We often check popular games that are being accepted for pre-registration and collaborating.

・ I'm looking for a mobile game that can be enjoyed without paying and has gacha.

・ I want to do a quest in a vertical screen game that can also be single-player

・ I like the nostalgic NES software and anime game apps rather than the latest Bishojo games.

Development: Sega

Original: Atlas

Scenario: Makoto Fukami

Character design: Tatsuro Iwamoto

* AR function is not supported on some terminals.

Official Twitter: @ d2megaten

Official site: https://d2-megaten-l.sega.jp/

What's New in the Latest Version 7.1.20

Last updated on Jun 13, 2024


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Additional Game Information

Latest Version

Request D×2 Update 7.1.20

Uploaded by

Sergio Pech

Requires Android

Android 5.1+

Available on

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